Rules for Dungeon EQ.

Welcome to Dungeon EQ! The server is entirely custom zones, with complex dungeon designs, a winding labyrinth and many hidden secrets. You will need to explore to find the best loot and the best places to hunt. Maps are intentionally disabled in game to encourage exploration and further the sense of the unknown. The server is designed to be played in a group, but solo play may be possible if you are ambitious and cautious.

  • MQ2 and is not allowed.
  • Boxing is not directly prohibited but discouraged. There are drop pits, traps, and other things that will make boxing difficult. Boss targets will be custom and involved, too.
  • When choosing your class or group, remember that crowd control is important.
  • Be kind to others. This is a small server and we want to keep it friendly. No racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. No harassment. No spamming. No exploiting. No botting. No cheating. No griefing. No drama. No politics. No religion. No hate speech. No trolling. No scamming. No begging. No stealing. No killing players. No training. Be nice, please.