Learn how to join DungeonEQ.

Downloading the Game

Use the DungeonEQ Launcher to download the game. This will automatically download the game in it’s entirety and patch it.

Place the launcher in a folder where you want to install EverQuest. It is recommended to place it in a folder such as C:\Games\DungeonEQ.

Double click dungeoneq.exe. It’ll auto patch and you’re good to go!

Advanced Information About the Launcher

On first start, the launcher will create a subfolder called everquest_rof2. If you have a steam copy of EverQuest ROF2 or a copy from other means already, you can save bandwidth by cancelling the launcher, and copying your existing copy into the everquest_rof2 folder created by the launcher (Alternatively, you can keep a copy of everquest_rof2 one folder up from the launcher).

After the everquest_rof2 contents are either downloaded or detected, they will copied to the same folder as the launcher.

After the copy is complete, the launcher will patch custom files for Dungeon EQ.

After the patch is complete, the launcher will automatically start the game.

In future runs, you can simply double click eqgame.exe (no patchme required) or use dungeoneq.exe to start the game. If a new patch is released, be sure to re-run dungeoneq.exe if you opt to use eqgame.exe instead, so files are patched and up to date.

If you have any issues during the download process, visit the Troubleshooting section.

Creating an Account

DungeonEQ uses the standard eqemu registration process. If you’ve logged into any other EQEmu server, you can use the same login information.

For those who haven’t, this section covers the steps:

First, create a forum account by visiting EQEMU Register Link if you haven’t already.

Once a forum account is created, visit Create LoginServer Account to create a login account. You can have up to 3 login accounts per forum account.

You can review existing login accounts by visiting Manage LoginServer Accounts.

Troubleshooting the Launcher

To break down the steps of the patcher:

  • Check if eqgame.exe is in the same path. If it is not, it will attempt to copy it from the everquest_rof2 folder.
    • If no everquest_rof2 folder exists, it will attempt to download it from the internet. (You can also delete everquest_rof2/eqgame.exe if you’d like to re-download a fresh copy)
  • Check if the patcher is up to date. If it is not, it will attempt to download it from the internet. (You can delete the dungeoneq_hash.yml file if you’d like to trigger a new patch check)